The spaces of Synergic…

Kids Teen World
Sensorial Atelier
Inno Space

…developed in partnership with the best specialists in each field

Space thought to explore the infant and teen universe with the aim to obtain relevant and trustworthy information about these targets, very differentiated vs. adult.

Mums & Cubs
Groups of little kids (3-6 y.o.) accompanied by a parent who generates security on the child and can help understanding the child’s speech.
Responses and output generated synergically by parent and child in their own home environment which assures maximum spontaneity of the kid and helps to understand his/her role and influence on the parents’ decisions.
Ideation workshops with stimuli provided by the children / teens which allow understanding their perception of a product / category / brand and help generating new ideas / concepts.
Teen bunch
Meeting of Friends in a “neutral” space to reduce the group pressure and reinforce participants’ feeling of security. It allows obtaining information on interesting topics regarding this target.
Online communities / groups in which participants interact through a virtual platform. Specially interesting to explore and get to know teen target, to whom face to face communication causes some anxiety.
Family Hub
Ethnographic observation of a complete family to detect family roles and their influence in the consumption patterns of the kid / teen.

The workshop for sensorial qualitative research in which the emotional universe generated by sensorial stimuli targeted in the study is explored, in order to develop new ideas and product concepts.

Sensory Building
Developing a product concept through creative workshops in which consumers share their feelings and impressions elicited by their sensorial experience of a specific product.
Consumers generate sensorial ideas based on their reactions to the preliminary concept of a given product in creative sessions.
Olfactory Iconography
Sensorial icons related to the cultural and sensorial universe of the consumer are explored, useful for creating and communicating new product concepts.
An exploration of the consumer's sensorial experience of a brand is an interesting approach to better define its DNA.
Sequential Cocreation
The process of creating new concepts and prototypes integrating the consumer's sensorial feedback at each stage of product development.

Pharma space with the added value of a highly qualitative and analytical approach in order to understand the underlying motivations and sociocultural factors influencing the decision making process.

Study to explore in depth a product category and to analyse the brand values in its competitive environment, identifying the drivers and barriers involved in the decision process.
A study/Test for developing and/or validating strategic brand communication; suitable for positioning studies, message testing, communication/promotion.
A study for detecting doctor/patient typologies with the final goal of designing strategies that respond to the specific needs of the different targets that intervene and have an influence on purchasing products.
An exploration of webs, blogs, forums and social networks for gathering information on any of the agents of a given medical process in an unobtrusive way (doctors, patients, pharmacists,…)
An online community of doctors or other agents who interact within the framework of a closed platform; suitable for exploring needs, opinions, trends and new treatments.
Ethnographic interviews with patients suffering from specific pathologies in order to know and understand how they cope with their disease and its treatment in their daily lives.

Innovation Space designed to generate and develop new product concepts in response to the emerging needs of today's consumers who are in a permanent state of change

Creative multidisciplinary workshop to identify relevant and actionable insights and to develop new product concepts.
The process of creating a new product concept in successive stages based on stimuli designed ad hoc that facilitate creativity and concept emergence.
Advanced Sequential Recycling
Iterative process for the development of a concept/product in consecutive stages enabling a substantial reduction in overall research time.
Identification and analysis of emerging trends which can be used for the benefit of a specific sector/product
Innovation and creativity study in order to detect new business opportunities and their success potential.