The Synergy of a Local and Global Vision
Research at National (Spanish) Level
A wide knowledge of the social Spanish reality and an extensive background in the main product categories.
Cross-Cultural Analysis
Many years travelling and exploring other markets allow us to identify and understand the common and divergent drivers in each one of them and do comparative assessment.
Coordination of Studies at International Level
We have an extensive experience carrying out international studies with a collaborators' network in different countries. Working with other institutes enables us to share know-how and ways of working, enriching our experience and knowledge about other markets.
Strategic Consultancy
We assess our clients in their decision making at a strategic and tactical level, and also with the detection and development of new market opportunities.
Company Training
We organize workshops, seminars and ad hoc webinars in order to help our clients obtain maximum returns from their qualitative research.
We offer a personalized coaching service, at a personal and professional level.
We do the recruitment through our Data Base in order to keep under control each phase of the research.